Client needs are not just tax, they’re economic. While minimizing tax is a significant contribution to a client’s net wealth, the real economic driver of his or her wealth is maximizing the performance of their businesses while having a long-term exit strategy in mind. We assist clients by: i) creating and measuring relevant financial and operational benchmarks, ii) implementing accounting internal controls for the protection of their assets, iii) bench-marking industry-based performance, and iv) assisting in positioning the client for an exit strategy.

We work hand-in-hand with the client’s other advisors, such as: attorneys, wealth managers, insurance agents, bankers, and other key relationships or stakeholders to ensure the client has a fully-informed and engaged team throughout the year. Moreover, if there are professional service gaps, we proactively introduce new relationships. If there are opportunities, we discreetly connect our networks in efforts to create: new products, new offerings, or to augment existing client platforms for the purpose of creating win-win scenarios.