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Tax Services

Level has been engaged by tax attorneys, clients, CPAs and other financial advisors to provide solutions to a variety of difficult tax matters. The scope of our services includes: tax opinions letters, resolving contested tax controversies with regulatory authorities, tax compliance, tax planning, and – perhaps most importantly – creating and implementing balanced tax strategies that are uniquely fit for a client and his or her specific needs.

In other words, when we examine a tax strategy, we understand and account for the multiplicity of business, personal, and family dynamics that might exist for a client while he or she embarks on the path of solving a particular set of problems. What perhaps is the most significant distinction between us and that of other accountants, is that we first look to obtain a solid understanding of the economics and motives (not always financial) of a given transaction and only then do we proceed in crafting tax strategies that complement the underlying transaction.

Alternatively, we do not let the tax-tail wag the dog. Please understand, that this approach often results in extended dialogue and value created by delving into the dynamics of a transaction rather than just crafting some master tax plan that might be brilliant, but not really complement or be in harmony with the clients’ true goals.