“I had the pleasure of working with the team at LEVEL Advisor’s on a years-long, complex white collar criminal case in which I was the lead attorney.  The matter involved hundreds of thousands of pages of documents spanning decades, which formed the foundation for allegations of workers comp insurance premium fraud, prevailing wage discrepancies and other wage and hour issues.  We were overwhelmed with the paperwork and needed to find a forensic accountant who could not only distill the information down to a reasonable size, but one who could quickly and efficiently analyze and evaluate the data to test the government’s theory of liability.  Kelly Allen was remarkable!  He and his team quickly found the needles in the haystack, which were mistakes made by the government auditors. Those mistakes provided a counter narrative so powerful and convincing that the prosecutor ultimately conceded that his numbers were flat wrong, and his case was nonexistent.  LEVEL’s relentless work on the case allowed me to resolve the matter in my client’s favor without even having to resort to a hearing.  If you need the best of the best, call Kelly.”

Werksman, Jackson, Hathaway & Quinn LLP



Alan Jackson, Partner