Donavan Devine, CTO HALO Microsystems

LEVEL ADVISORS helped me navigate the very complex tax requirement after the sale of my business. They were extremely proactive in understanding my unique situation with international reporting requirements, helping me achieve the best possible outcome. They were always available to answer any of my questions and addressed all my concerns. I feel confident in their abilities and will be a long term customer.

Donavan Devine, CTO HALO

Sonny Woodall, CEO Bear Trucking, Inc.

I started working with Kelly Allen in early 2004.  Since then his firm has handled several business needs for me and has proven to be most resourceful in dealing with the various challenges that have come our way.  With today’s constantly changing tax codes and LEVEL ADVISOR’s ability to anticipate most of them, we have been able to stay ahead of the curve.  The firm has responded to a variety of our needs and urgencies with utmost professionalism and responsiveness.

Sonny Woodall, CEO Bear Trucking, Inc.

Thomas Bleau & Martin Fox, Shareholders; BLEAUFOX, PLC

“We have used LEVEL ADVISORS for quite some time now. When it comes to complex accounting or tax matters these are the people that we go to. We get straightforward, distilled and useful answers that we can use for purposes of advising our clients from anything regarding litigation support to general business and tax related topics. In a recent transaction, the team identified a material tax matter stemming from a settlement agreement. They assisted in engaging and overseeing an independent firm regarding constructing a tax solution that accommodated the litigants in order to expedite settlement. Absent the solution, the settlement on the table (after much painstaking and protracted litigation) could have been seriously compromised.”



Thomas Bleau & Martin Fox, Shareholders

Greg Eger, Real Estate Developer

"I have worked with Kelly Allen and LEVEL ADVISORS over the past seven years both on a personal and professional basis on tax and accounting matters.  This team has successfully obtained a Private Ruling Letter from the Chief Counsels Office of the IRS, provided expert witness testimony resulting in a 12-0 verdict against a large corporate tenant and is currently providing accounting support in a lawsuit against the IRS.  Every other third party consultant which we have brought to the table; including attorneys, accountants and other professionals have had nothing but praise for LEVEL ADVISOS’S efforts.  I would never use anyone else."

Greg Eger, Real Estate Developer

Anonymous (Engineer)

"LEVEL ADVISORS and the outstanding team have handled my personal and business income tax matters for close to twelve years.  Since taking over my income tax matters I have nothing but the highest regard for the firm, as their attention to professionalism, competency, thoroughness and efficiency are heads above other accountancies previously handling my tax matters.  I highly recommend LEVEL and its skilled team of associates to anyone seeking top notch performance with respect to income tax matters and tax return preparation."


Anonymous (Engineer)

Ted Stream, Shareholder & Founder; Stream, Kim, Hicks, Wrage & Alfaro PC

LEVEL ADVISORS has provided invaluable tax and accounting advice for my clients; especially in times of critical and major business transitions.  Recently, for a client that was selling his business, their advice resulted in increasing the sales price by suggesting appropriate add-backs into net income; in the same transaction, they saved my client millions of dollars in tax savings through restructuring some of the details of the transaction.  The client was extremely happy.  My experience has been that they know valuation methodologies and the tax code inside and out. Their experience and attention to detail make them an excellent choice for a range of tax matters, consulting matters and mergers & acquisition matters.

Stream, Kim, Hicks, Wrage & Alfaro PC

Ted Stream, Shareholder & Founder

Jeff T. Grange, MD, MBA, President & CEO; Symons Emergency Systems, Inc.

LEVEL ADVISORS is top notch. Within minutes of reviewing our tax returns, they spotted a material and significant tax issue. An issue that, once rectified, saved us nearly $1MM in taxes. They are responsive, professional, on the ball and leading edge as skilled artisans. As an entrepreneur, I consistently vet business opportunities and risks through them. Their business is founded on serving a smaller number of high-end and complex clients. As a result, we get a team that is intimately familiar with our business, our challenges and our goals and understands multiple moving parts; a team that shares appropriate, innovative and relevant ideas. Clearly, they grow their business by remaining focused on their clients.


Symons Emergency Systems, Inc.

Jeff T. Grange, MD, MBA, President & CEO

James Braswell Sr., CEO; Braswell’s Family Senior Care

For nearly twenty years we have worked with LEVEL Advisors. Over the course of that time we have engaged the team to conduct a litany of consulting work. They have assisted us with everything from mergers and acquisitions to tax strategies, estate planning and business matters of varying levels of controversy and magnitude. They are finitely clear on where their talents start and stop; all the while not being shy about the truth of either. LEVEL is a high-end consulting and accounting firm demonstrating excellence in technical skill set, customer service and collaboration with our other key advisors. In all instances, the firm has worked with the common goal of our best interest. We are thankful for the many years of contributions they have made in being a part of our success.


Braswell’s Family Senior Care

James Braswell Sr., CEO

Dawn Downs, CEO; Trinity Nursing, Inc.

These consultants are amazing. My concerns are heard and addressed with utmost respect and care. Before offering their advice, they first seek to understand the underpinnings of the issues and concerns that I have and listen to my voice. They have the right resources and team in place to deal with a multitude of financial issues that businesses and their owners face. I have no doubt that they are “on top of their game” when it comes to understanding the new tax laws and changing economic environments that we face”


Trinity Nursing, Inc.

Dawn Downs, CEO

Sabas Trujillo; United Paving, Inc.

The team at LEVEL Advisors has been critical in helping us navigate through complex business matters. They are confidential, trustworthy, responsive, insightful and collaborative. I personally spent many late hours working with the owner and his team. No matter how differing viewpoints* were discussed, (which will invariably happen in high-stake settings), I knew that I could count on some absolute truths: First, the team cared about me, my company and its employees. Second, LEVEL Advisors bought an unmatched level of excellence to the table in both strategic insight and recommendations. Thirdly, and most importantly, I know they will be there for us in the future if and when the occasion presents itself.

United Paving, Inc.

Sabas Trujillo

Rick Trujillo, CEO; Prestige Striping Services, Inc.

We started working with the team both when it was Kelly Allen & Associates, Inc and now LEVEL Advisors. The team spent a tremendous amount of time parsing through innumerable amounts of datasets and records to assist us in key business decisions and reports. They used sophisticated data mining techniques and tools while speaking in a language that both myself and key employees could understand. They were not about impressing us with what they knew; they were about learning what we knew so that they could apply it in the solutions they would eventually bring back to us.  Their approach was simple and direct: listen carefully to the business problems we faced, engage us throughout the process and formulate an action plan that could be used to assist us and our other advisors through a very difficult time.

Prestige Striping Services, Inc.

Rick Trujillo, CEO

Douglas Krahn, MD, FACS, Founder; Western Bariatric, AMC

Kelly Allen and his team LEVEL Advisors are incredible CPAs. His depth of understanding of the tax code, including ongoing updates and changes and how it all relates to your specific personal and business needs, is virtually unmatched. The team is brilliant.  He optimizes your tax position while staying far above-board and well within the legal guidelines of the code. I haven't found or seen anything equivalent.  

Western Bariatric, AMC

Douglas Krahn, MD, FACS, Founder

Alan Jackson, Partner; Werksman, Jackson, Hathaway & Quinn LLP

“I had the pleasure of working with the team at LEVEL Advisor’s on a years-long, complex white collar criminal case in which I was the lead attorney.  The matter involved hundreds of thousands of pages of documents spanning decades, which formed the foundation for allegations of workers comp insurance premium fraud, prevailing wage discrepancies and other wage and hour issues.  We were overwhelmed with the paperwork and needed to find a forensic accountant who could not only distill the information down to a reasonable size, but one who could quickly and efficiently analyze and evaluate the data to test the government’s theory of liability.  Kelly Allen was remarkable!  He and his team quickly found the needles in the haystack, which were mistakes made by the government auditors. Those mistakes provided a counter narrative so powerful and convincing that the prosecutor ultimately conceded that his numbers were flat wrong, and his case was nonexistent.  LEVEL’s relentless work on the case allowed me to resolve the matter in my client’s favor without even having to resort to a hearing.  If you need the best of the best, call Kelly.”

Werksman, Jackson, Hathaway & Quinn LLP

Alan Jackson, Partner

Mario Alfaro, Shareholder; Stream, Kim, Hicks, Wrage & Alfaro PC

“LEVEL Advisor’s assistance was essential in helping us to prove at trial that a key witness was guilty of embezzling millions of dollars from a family business. They summarized over 40 years of financials in a clear and concise manner that left no doubt about how the embezzlement was carried out. “


Stream, Kim, Hicks, Wrage & Alfaro PC

Mario Alfaro, Shareholder

Eugene Kim, Shareholder & VP; Stream, Kim, Hicks, Wrage & Alfaro PC

“We retained LEVEL Advisors to conduct a complex forensic accounting analysis on a multi-million dollar commercial real estate development.   They sorted through thousands of invoices, checks, and bank records and were able to trace and verify all legitimate expenses.  They were meticulous and had a strong command of the underlying documents.  Despite the many records, they synthesized the information succinctly in deposition and quickly identified all documents that supported their conclusions.   Mr. Allen and his firm are, bar none, the best forensic accountants with whom I have ever worked.  

Stream, Kim, Hicks, Wrage & Alfaro PC

Eugene Kim, Shareholder & VP

Brian Hawley, Chairman & CTO; Vickie Hawley, Controller; Luminex, Inc.

“The team at LEVEL Advisors have served our account for nearly 10 years. In that time, they have never waived in providing timely, accurate and helpful insight as it relates to our tax matters. They have demonstrated excellence in complex areas and helped us navigate through multi-state and international tax matters over the course of our relationship. Our relationship is not taken for granted: the team routinely wins our trust year in and year out keeping on top of our account as well as making certain we are informed of new tax laws and developments that impact us and our business.”

Luminex, Inc.

Brian Hawley, Chairman & CTO

Vickie Hawley, Controller

Michael Lyon, President / CEO, Low Cost Interlock Inc.

“I am a serial entrepreneur that has started and sold several businesses during my 30-year career. I have worked with both small and large accounting firms, however, I have never received the level of service, knowledge, and industry expertise I obtained from Kelly Allen and his firm. The Level team has a vast knowledge of state and federal tax law, M&A processes, and long-term tax planning. Recently, Kelly helped organize a team that facilitated the acquisition of my latest business by one of the largest private-equity firms in the nation. Kelly’s attention to detail and tireless efforts garnered our team several million additional net dollars. I'm not in the habit of providing testimonials but, in this case, I felt compelled to share why I have the utmost respect and trust in the Level team.“   

Low Cost Interlock, Inc.

Michael Lyon

President / CEO